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Boom Mowers

Mid-Mounted Boom Mowers are featured on the Massey Ferguson VMS and Challenger RMS lines of tractors. 

Massey Ferguson VMS 5460/6255

Challenger RMS 465B/525B/535B

These mowers are used for cutting grass, brush, and limbing.  The electronically controlled Articulated Arms are combined with Rotary or Flail mowers that are hydraulically driven using an independent reservoir that is isolated from the tractor.

The Boom is attached to the tractor via an integrated PowerFrame.  The frame is designed to minimize the torsional loading on the tractor, thus extending the life of the tractor.  The frame can be installed by an Authorized Dealer or by Little at one of its two installation locations.

One of the unique characteristics of the Little Boom is the direct acting rotary cylinder used for angular positioning of the Boom.  The rotary actuator eliminates push-pull cylinders and linkages for improved reliability and reduced maintenance.  The actuator has a massive bearing area with hydraulically pressurized thrust bearings to take the load.


Boom Reaches

Short Medium Long

Maximum Horizontal*

20-22 ft

22-24 ft

23-25 ft

Forward & Rearward Angle

40 Degrees / 90 Degrees


4 Axis Electronic Joystick

Unique Characteristics

Direct Acting Rotary Actuator

* From centerline of tractor to farthest cut, depending on head used


MT465 RMS and MT500 RMS Boom Mowers

Power Plate Frame - Fully Integrated, 2 Year Warranty
Dynamx Booms - T1 Steel Booms, 2 Year Warranty
GPM and HP @ Cutter - 40GPM, 55HP MT465B and 52GPM, 65HP MT500B
Boom Hydraulics - Hi Flow/Full Control Boom Hydraulics, Elec/Hyd Joystick
Boom Cylinders - Hi Pressure Cylinders with Flow Control
Mowing Heads - PowerAxe T1 Steel Cutting Heads, Flail and Rotary. 48" and 60"
Boom Rotation - Hi Torque Boom Rotator, 140° Rotation w/Breakaway (MT500B only)
Stability - Integrated Frame, Low Center of Gravity
Safety - Unobstructed Visibility
Productivity - Operator Friendly with Performance
Factory Installation - Greenville, SC ISO 9001 Certification

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